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Marcio Goncalves

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Marcio Goncalves


Feb 2017


The Bauhaus (Spring 2017)

Student Comments

Inspiration: Laslo Moholy-Nagy Painting: "K VII", 1922

I chose to base my p5.js sketch on the work of the hungarian painter Laslo Moholy-Nagy. Of all the artists in the Bauhaus collection at the Harvard Art Museum his works are the most interesting. He uses solid geographic forms in most of his works, with little use of textures and extra details.The end result is very interesting and unique. It reminds me of the flat design style, so common on the web nowadays, but they were painted in the 1920s. Impressive.

My main inspiration was the painting "K VII". I've tried to recreate most of it using p5.js, but with certain modifications. I replaced the background gradient, using a pattern of lines instead, so I could use a "for loop" in the sketch. I also replaced one of the quads with a circle and put a parallelogram on the top right, so I could use the beginShape() function

The sketch is also interactive. There is a little cube that follows the mouse position. And if you press any key or mouse button some colors will change.