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The Field

Ji Kim

Project Details


Ji Kim


Feb 2017


The Bauhaus (Spring 2017)

Student Comments

I used the artwork called "Wassily Kandinsky, Jocular Sounds, 1929" for my first assignment, which I titled "The Field". 

 Because when I saw this artwork, it reminded me of the dry field with nature and animals under the sun. Although, I didn't calculate the exact position of the elements on the canvas, I did try to make them look very close to elements from the original artwork. The challenge I had was creating what I named the "Cow Face". I wasn't sure how to create a triangle with different color blocks inside. But I figured since I didn't include the texture background, I could simply create another shape with background color to cover the unnecessary parts. For the event function, since the circle that is on top right reminded me of the Sun, I created mouse pressed function so when the user clicks on it, it emphasizes and shines. Although, I wasn't being so creative for this assignment, I am satisfied with the outcome of how close it looks from the original artwork. (Below sketch art work)