Introduction to Creative Exploration on the Web
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The Chase

Jillian Casey

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Jillian Casey


Feb 2017


The Bauhaus (Spring 2017)

Student Comments

My sketch is inspired by the painting "Fish", by Joan Stack

When I first saw this painting, I wanted to use it for this project because it seemed like it would fulfill many of the requirements. As I worked on it, I realized I could also tell a story that a stationary painting wouldn't be able to. One of my favorite aspects of the painting is the background shapes. I like how the artist used different colors to break up the darknes of the painting. I like to think of these shapes as waves. I knew I wanted to use them in my own painting, but it was a challenge. I wanted to use a for loop to create the pattern, but noticed it was not working as anticipated. After some help, I was able to get the pattern to work.

As I was playing around with the color, I knew I wanted to make my sketch a bit brighter. The shapes I created with the quadrangles reminded me of patterns from the 80's and early 90's, so I made those shapes pastel. I added the color change in the background as the mouse moves to make the fish following the mouse seem like a predator. It adds a bit to the story, as if he is hunting the other two fish. I wanted to make the other two fish transparent to make it seem like they are trying to hide.

This project was a challenge for me and I spent a lot of time reviewing the class materials, the Processing website, and other resources. The most challenging aspect for me was trying to make what was in my head actually work on the page. I had higher aspirations for the sketch, like making the two transparent fish shake, but couldn't quite get it to work. I do feel more confident with my abilities and know that it takes time, practice, and a lot of errors to make it work. Overall, I'm proud of my work and look forward to learning more.