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Take Me to Ikea

Jessica Lopez

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Jessica Lopez


Feb 2017


The Bauhaus (Spring 2017)

Student Comments

Furniture Designs by Walter Gropius drew my attention because I have been immersed in furniture and decorating of late. I appreciate the cohesion of the furniture collection, created through the consistent use of straight lines and the simple, uniform color palette.

The biggest challenge I faced with this assignment was working with variables storing color values. The numeric variables I declared worked when placed outside of setup() and draw() functions. However, I found color variables in the same location behaved erratically at best—though the code worked when moved inside the draw() function. I suspect this is due to some nuance with color variable scope that I have yet to discover.

Through this exercise I developed a respect for the power of variables. I admit I felt a bit giddy each time I made a single code update that changed the height of, distance between, or color of the cabinets across the board. Promise not to judge when you see me rocking an “I Heart Variables” ball cap, ok?