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Shapes Over My Hammy

Deandra Carroll

Project Details


Deandra Carroll


Feb 2017


The Bauhaus (Spring 2017)

Student Comments

I was naturally drawn to László Moholy-Nagy’s A18 original work - I liked all of the lines, layering of shapes and colours - It reminded me of a space like abstract scene entered around the moon. New to all coding programs, I thought this piece would be a a good challenge for me using P5 to create my own interpretation. 

I first started with the corner triangle and made it upside down to fit the bottom left corner and then moved on to the white ellipse in the middle of the canvas (my 'moon'). From there I built different layering shapes using rectangles and custom shapes w/vertex points. There was a lot of trial and error with these shapes but this helped me understand coordinates and shape building a lot more than when I first started the assignment. 

I also wanted to use some layering arcs - At first I fit these within the white ellipse like a pie but decided to have them layering below on top of each other for a more interesting look. I created a series of 4 lines connected to each other - At first I created a lightening bolt shape and then changed it to connect each point to an existing shape on the canvas, as the rest of the shapes on the canvas were all connected to each other in some way. From there I worked on looping circles and squares across the width of the page. From a google search, I saw an African art piece that had repeating circles and squares in it’s design, so I was inspired by that to have the two lines of looping shapes. 

As I said before, at first I was inspired by A18’s colours and overall design, so I did stick with the same colour scheme. I also was inspired by the original work’s placement of shapes, so I did keep similar placements but changed it enough to make it my own.

The difficulties I experienced were again just learning the coordinates of the custom shapes and positioning - Familiarizing myself with P5. Through trial and error and playing around, I had a lot of fun creating this sketch and FINALLY getting the hang of sketching with P5 using coordinates.