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Search and Balance

Jane Florins

Project Details


Jane Florins


Feb 2017


The Bauhaus (Spring 2017)

Student Comments

Painting by László Moholy-Nagy "A 18" was an inspiration for my work "Search and Balance".

"A 18" displays uneven lines and shapes yet a solid circle in the middle holds all of the elements together. The initial feeling that everything is about to fall apart is overpowered by a strong magnet-like element which adds balance and stability. The uneven lines, like threads, connect the composition to what looks like a bent piece of paper on the back preventing all of the items from falling into the darkness. Messy items somehow hold together. The painting evokes a feeling of fragile and unlikely sense of stability that I wanted to replicate in my work.

"Search and Balance" is a story of life. It goes from left to right and moves from darker and colder colors to lighter and warmer. Initially many elements on the canvas get a random color. It signifies unpredictability of life.

The circle in the left upper part symbolizes the continuity of life. Clicking the circle changes the color of the most elements. The colors are random, so, there is no way to know the mood of the work after the click. The colors can get warm and cheerful, or cold and gloomy. Clicking the circle updates the mood. The shape in the right upper corner is the source of the colorful light with also gives the same color to the objects on the canvas.

Right below the circle there is a picture frame. It shows a small piece of reality, all four available possibilities. The triangle right below it has a sharp and dangerous shape, yet it can also be seen as a road that goes up from the darkness into the light. It reminds about dangers and struggles in the past.

The large lighter rectangle can be seen as a platform. It is stable, yet the large circle is balancing on it. Both, the circle and the rectangle can be also seen as a flying comet with its tale. Life doesn't stay still, it is always moving ahead. The large triangle by the circle has a lighter warmer color. It symbolizes hope and can be seen as a road up in the direction of the light source. It also keeps the circle balanced and stable. The electron in the middle of the circle is both, a symbol of the materialistic world and also the moving force for the composition.

I hope you enjoyed my work!