Introduction to Creative Exploration on the Web
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Chen Shen

Project Details


Chen Shen


Feb 2017


The Bauhaus (Spring 2017)

Student Comments

The above artwork, Perceive, is inspired by the painting - Joy - created by Josef Albers. Clean and simple shapes with a colour theory inspiration. Perception of colour is affected by its surroundings, which can trick people’s eyes. Love the colour combinations of this particular piece.

Thus, I adopted the colours and the basic shapes of the Joy. Then, I duplicated the rectangles to create two lines of blocks. Keeping the centre rectangles’ colour unchanged, moving the mouse left or right triggers the second smallest rectangle to change it’s colour according to the mouse position. The colour change was carefully controlled to make sure the second rectangle stays in grey to white scheme. All other colour remain unchanged to emphasize the vision impacts towards the centre colour block and all surrounding colours with just one colour changing slightly.

When the viewer moves the mouse downwards, the colours flip. With the exact same colour story and, again, only the second rectangles changes its colour, the effects can be seen again. With some colours’ changes appear to be more easily visible while conducting this experiment, viewers can compare the changes with the centre block and the third rectangles. While completing the project, the most common problem, sadly, was the system crashing.