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More Fish

Mark Jainchell

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Mark Jainchell


Feb 2017


The Bauhaus (Spring 2017)

Student Comments

Inspiration: Fish, by Joan Stack

I decided on this inspiration artwork because I enjoy ocean themed artwork. I perceived the multi-colored background as an opportunity to use a for loop to create many different colored diamonds and place those diamonds somewhat randomly. In the original artwork Joan Stack painted multi-colored diamonds, and I wanted to create a similar pattern in my artwork. In my pattern the diamonds overlap and are located in the center of the image. Joan Stack used larger fish in her artwork, and only three fish. I decided to have smaller fish, and allow the user to add as many fish as he or she would like, hence the name of my artwork: More Fish. Also, instead of allowing only one color of fish, my artwork allows three different colors of fish. These three colors are determined by the program, and applied based on how many fish have already been added, as determined by mouse clicks.

Regarding my artwork, I decided to draw a coral at the bottom of the artwork. I wanted to make the coral look like it was growing, and I decided to draw many ellipses of varying sizes and transparency to achieve this effect. Also, because of the fish theme, I decided to add a fish hook on a fishing line in the top right area of the image.

I would like to build on this piece of artwork in the coming weeks. In future editions I would like to include more animation; a fishing game would be ideal. P5 has many pre-defined functions, and this makes using P5 efficient and pleasurable. Because of the predefined shapes in P5, I was able to create this artwork mainly using ellipses, squares, quads, and lines. The opacity parameter, especially when used with random, was very helpful in achieving the appearance I desired.