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Jaz's Pokemon Ball

Jasmine Robinson

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Jasmine Robinson


Feb 2017


The Bauhaus (Spring 2017)

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Bauhaus Inspiration

Object Number: BR49.392
People: Sewell Sillman, American (Savannah, Georgia 1924 - 1992 Lyme, Connecticut)

I have a tendency to make things more challenging than they should be because I enjoy experimenting. I spent hours dabbling with different ideas before I finally picked something I wanted to tackle. This painting appealed to me because the red and white circle in the right hand corner reminded me of a pokemon ball. After wasting far too much time on PokemonGo last summer, I guess the hope of finding a pikachu was permanently ingrained in my subconscious. 

My goal was to replicate the painting and add interaction that when you clicked the pokemon ball, a pikachu danced around the screen. Trying to figure out exact coordinates for each vector was a challenge. I ended up in Adobe Illustrator outlining a design, exporting it to SVG and then copying the path coordinates into my p5js sketch file. 

I also have not needed to do geometry in over ten years so I am still not sure why mathematically PI gives me half a circle but through trial and error, if something worked, I did not question the miracle. 

By making ample mistakes, I learned the the P5JS IDE is buggy and likes to crash. I learned my shapes are stacked in order and inherited the last fill and stroke you listed. I learned that 60 frames per second draws really fast. I learned it is a thousand times easier to load an image than to try to recreate it with vector points. I learned that the error messages are cryptic but luckily it highlights the line that caused the issue. I learned that creating loops inside the draw function is tricky because it is a loop itself and it is easy to accidentally create an infinite loop. 

My sketch has a few hidden interactions. If you click the pokemon ball, pikachu appears. If you click it again then pikachu hides. If you click on the dancing pikachu then there is a little surprise. I also had a Eureka moment when I realized I could write any javascript in my sketch.js therefore allowing me to change html div tags on my page during canvas interactions. As you can tell, I had fun with this project =)