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International Observatory

Scott Gray

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Scott Gray


Feb 2017


The Bauhaus (Spring 2017)

Student Comments

I chose “National Observatory” by Paul Klee as my inspiration art. The drawing was completed in 1926. I really like the use of dark space to make the few light elements really pop. The blues and orange make for great complimentary colors in the piece. There are a couple things going on in terms of symmetry that I believe make this artwork pleasing to the eye. First, the three white elements make one triangle while the three orange elements form an upside-down, contrasting triangle. Two dark circles form the points of the white triangle while also sitting along the lines of the orange triangle.

For my artwork, I chose to make a modern take on this topic. There obviously was no space travel or spacestation in 1929. I wanted to present a view from space that showed the eartch and portion of the spacetation. Anytime I see video of the spacestation, one thing that sticks out is the color of the solar panels. They change from brown to a burnt orange as they reflect the sun. I chose to make this changing of colors the interactive element based on the mouse's position along teh y-axis. One thing I struggled with was getting the stars in the background, But I'm really happy with how they turned out. I think they're the right mix of quantity, size, and variation of color. I arrived at that through a lot of experimenting.