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Desert Paths

Louis Caravella

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Louis Caravella


Feb 2017


The Bauhaus (Spring 2017)

Student Comments

“Avenue of Trees” by Lyonel Feininger struck me as being both abstract and having recognizable forms. I like how it’s a Bauhaus painting that also reminded me of cubism from the period. I also was drawn to the strong lines and edges, patterns in the trees, and repetitions of lines among the trees. All these design elements seem to lend themselves well to p5 digital design as far as I understand it currently.

Instead of orienting the images from top left to lower right, I reoriented the flow from bottom left to upper right. So, the eye follows the yellow triangle path across and up.

I also replaced the man walking with a sphere. I thought of it almost like Sisyphus’ rock that may or may not go up the path, winding through the trees.

My trees are various types of line fragments and rectangles. I put some above the triangle/path and some below, so that the path could wind between them. I also made the path semi-transparent to emphasize three-dimensionality.

I had some technical difficulty with mouseIsPressed(); and keyIsPressed();. I think the difficulty was that I put them below, rather than above, the shape-functions I wanted the actions to affect.