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Dimaz Ardhi

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Dimaz Ardhi


Feb 2017


The Bauhaus (Spring 2017)

Student Comments

Inspired by Square from Nine Rectangles by Max Bill

In this assignment i use “Square from Nine Rectangles” by Max Bill as my inspiration of my work because I look his art is amazing. 

I am not person that know about art but I can see the perfection from his paint. He drew a simple rectangles and fill with perfect colors to make a masterpiece of paint. I do not have a experience in art but I do have experience when I took class in Introduction javascript. There are some homework to make me a draw on canvas so I pick that as inspiration because my knowledge still basic on drawing so I do not want to push so hard to draw complicated paint or realistic. I want to learn by drawing simple paint but in that process i can learn a lot so in the future I can draw more realistic paint or complicated. In my work I modify the paint from the original. For example I put a circle on the center instead of rectangles because the idea is that I want to make everybody should be optimistic on anything is possible when we put a lot of courage and effort to reach something, like before I do not have experience on drawing but i do believe i can make it. In that picture i put circle on the center to balance those rectangles. The color for background I make it to change every time move the mouse with event. I like put the color background dynamic because I want see which color has perfect match with other color on the shapes. In the future maybe be I can put extra code so when i find some color that match, I just do double click then the color is set. Another interactive function that I make is One of circles on the bottom can move anywhere by click the circle and the last I make shape like two doors with shadow behind it by using vertex() function. That is all i can explain about my work. At the last I am really enjoy do this homework and satisfied with my work.