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Against Deep Blue

Christopher Hansen

Project Details


Christopher Hansen


Feb 2017


The Bauhaus (Spring 2017)

Student Comments

Inspiration: Josef Albers  Homage to the Square: Against Deep Blue

I found this image provocative in contrast to the other pieces on the harvard website due to it's simplicity.  The simplicity is done in a number of ways, the minimal color palette and the roughness of the strokes.  This simplicity seemed appropriate to match my minimal crude p5 skills.  I decided to mimic the simple color palette, using only 4 colors. I also decided to utilize basic shapes, square and a circle.  I also implemented very basic p5 functions that when mashed together can create a very busy and chaotic composition.  Writing the code was iteresting and an exploration. The most difficult part of the exercise was trying to think of what to express.  Meeting the check list of requirements had me stuck, for example, on the for loop. Trying to decide where i want to implement one.  The references on the p5 website seemed adequate enough to explain how to execute all the requirements of the assignment.

Drag the mouse around the canvas to draw.  Mouse click to clear the canvas of all drawn content.