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Karthi Chandra

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Karthi Chandra


Feb 2017


The Bauhaus (Spring 2017)

Student Comments

Inspiration: Abstraction 
Creator:Sewell Sillman, American (Savannah, Georgia 1924 - 1992 Lyme, Connecticut)

I liked this drawing for the sheer simplicity, flow of lines and use of minimal colors. It was a lot of fun creating this sketch and can spend a few days more and realised the power of this P5 library. I have included the project requirements.  I have replicated the shapes in the artist's original painting including the circle with a filled in arc.The program has a lot of potential to do much more creative drawings.  I have also enrolled in a real life drawing/sketching class in the Philadelphia area's MainLine School'. This class will be in parallell to the online class and I hope to open up the creative networks in my brain. As an artist by evening and analyst by day told me - work is for the stomach but art is for the soul.  This is a humble presentation of what we learnt in the first three weeks and appreciate the guidance and input from Professor Hebert, Brian and classmates.